Welcome to JW Guns and Ammo. We are here to offer License to Carry class instruction, NRA Basic Pistol Classes, as well as being a Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer. Our LTC fees are 65.00 dollars. We teach classes in Fort Worth, Texas and in Tyler, Texas.  We can travel to your hometown and teach classes as well in a private group setting. Please visit the class calendar section to see the listings of classes and dates. You can sign up for classes as well.

Our Mission


At JW Guns and Ammo, we believe in our 2nd
Ammendment right to bear arms. We believe in the right to protect yourself and
your family.


Second Amendment

Amendment II

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.


We teach the mandated curriculum for the Texas (LTC) Lisence to Carry course required by the Texas Department of Public Safety. The course consists of a minimum of 4-6 hours classroom plus range instruction with a written exam and a handgun proficiency test.


We teach the LTC laws, the use of force, use of deadly force, non-violent dispute resolution, and Safety and weapon storage . We teach concealed handguns in a simple, easy to understand style. We make learning fun and easy through our multimedia presentation with a focus on Hangun Safety and laws. We offer small classes that allows for better instruction so that we can meet our students expectations in obtaining their Concealed Hangun License.

As of May 29th, Texas Open carry has passed. You must get your LTC before Jan 1st 2016 to be grandfathered in. We are not sure what will happen yet as far as more requirements after Jan 1st to obtain your license. Once more comes out on this, we will post it.



Proudly Supporting:

National Rifle Association

Texas CHL Association




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65.00 Dollar LTC Classes

I do FFL Transfers. If you buy a gun from a website or dealer out of state and need a local FFL to ship to, Look no further. Transfer fee's are 10.00 for LTC Holders and 15.00 for Non-LTC Holders





If your looking for a particular gun, please call me today! I can order anything you need.