LTC Classes

Course Description:

You will learn about the Texas firearms and carry laws, the use of force laws, and how to resolve disputes in a nonviolent manner. Classroom instruction takes 4-5 hours plus range time. All students are required to pass a handgun proficiency test using a pistol of at least .32 caliber. There is also a written examination at the end of the class.


Process: You can take my class prior to applying online with the state.

Log on to to apply for your LTC. At the end of the application, you are asked for credit card payment. You then have an opportunity to go to the electronic fingerprint website, where you can schedule an appointment for your  fingerprints. At the end of the process, ther is a checklist with instructions and what to send in that you need to print. Texas LTC will use your DPS Drivers license photo for your LTC license.

The CHL-100 form is filled out in class. All documents must be submitted within 1 year of your online application. Fees are not refundable. We will walk through this process in class.


CHL Shooting Test

To pass, you must score 175 points (70%) on the skills test. Two-handed shooting is permissible.

A traditional silhouette target (B27) is used in the test. Trainees have two attempts to pass the skill test. Use a semi-automatic piston to qualify so that you may carry either a semi-automatic or a revolver. Those qualifying with a revolver can now carry a revolver or semi-auto.


8, 9, 10 rings = 5 points
7 ring = 4 points
On target, but outside of rings = 3 points.

CHL Shooting Test

3 yards, 20 rounds:

1 shot, 2 seconds, 5 times
2 shots, 3 seconds, 5 times
5 shots, 10 seconds, 1 time

7 yards, 20 rounds:

5 shots, 10 seconds, 1 time
2 shots, 4 seconds, 1 time
3 shots, 6 seconds, 1 time
1 shot, 3 seconds, 5 times
5 shots, 15 seconds, 1 time

15 yards, 10 rounds:

2 shots, 6 seconds, 1 time
3 shots, 9 seconds, 1 time
5 shots, 15 seconds 1 time

65.00 Dollar LTC Classes

I do FFL Transfers. If you buy a gun from a website or dealer out of state and need a local FFL to ship to, Look no further. Transfer fee's are 10.00 for LTC Holders and 15.00 for Non-LTC Holders





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