CHL Info

For a new license, the CHL-100 form that you receive from  my class is good for 12-months.  However, once you start your  application with the state for a new license, all application required documents must be  received by TXDPS within 12-months of your online application. 


To apply for a License to Carry License in Texas you must be:

  • 21 and legally able to buy a handgun under both Federal and State law.
  • Not judged to be chemically dependent or of unsound mind.
  • Not ever convicted of a felony anywhere, and no convictions of a Class A or B misdemeanor in the past 5 years.
  • Not subject to a restraining or protective order.
  • Not delinquent in payment of taxes, child support or any money collected by any Texas Governmental entity.
  • You must qualify using a .32 caliber or larger. If you qualify with a Semi-Auto, you may carry any type or caliber handgun. If you qualify with a revolver, you can now carry a Semi-auto.
  • The shooting proficiency test will consist of 50 rounds of timed fire on the state specified target. 20 rounds at 3 yards 20 rounds at 7 yards and 10 rounds at 15 yards.
  • Must not wear open toed shoes, must not wear shorts, must wear a collared shirt and must wear a ball cap of some sort during range qualification.
  • No class time is available to teach basic shooting skills.

State Fees

There are addtional fees that must be paid to the state once you get on line to complete your application. Please see fee schedule at the Texas CHL website.

65.00 Dollar LTC Classes

I do FFL Transfers. If you buy a gun from a website or dealer out of state and need a local FFL to ship to, Look no further. Transfer fee's are 10.00 for LTC Holders and 15.00 for Non-LTC Holders





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